The main areas of expertise cover customer, brand, image and reputation research, communication and advertisement efficiency. We possess a wide range of data collection methods, from classical methods of collecting information by F2F surveys, focus groups, in-depth and expert interviews, to innovative — CATI, CAWI, On-line research, Eye-tracking test.
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Social studies

The subject of the research — the perception of socio-economic development aspects of  the country. Such studies are often carried for public organizations, political parties and governments.

Target audiences for social studies are:

  • Citizens of Ukraine or separate territories and social groups;
  • Representatives of different government levels;
  • Employees of companies, public utilities, public organizations and movements, etc.

Examples (public access): 

In the 2011, we held a study on perception of  Ukrainian reforms in health care, by request of  Ministry of  Health ,together with analytical center BEST (Bureau of Economic and Social Technologies).


Omnibus — is a regular research on a monthly basis.

The study of "Omnibus" is carried out simultaneously for several customers. Each customer can place in the study one or more questions  he is interested in.

Due such a scheme the customer pays onlyfor the questions that he placed in the survey. The study of "Omnibus" allows you to participate in the study during the year (12 waves), or in its separate periods.

Electoral research

This research group is a part of election campaigns at various levels. Such studies are relevant in the preparation and conducting campaigns, both for independent candidates and for political parties and unions.

Electoral research performs following tasks:

  • Investigate the starting position of the candidate and the position of competitors, electoral base and "incremental zone", the image of a candidate or political power, and the perception of key policy promises.
  • Identify the dynamics of the candidate’s rating or political strength rating of competitors, the reaction of public opinion to PR-activities.
  • Identify the nature of public opinion perception, materials and campaign promises just before running it.
  • Get real-time data about the performance of electoral candidates (political power) and competitors (rating, anti-rating, mobilizing electorate, "overflow" of the electorate, etc.).

Comprehensive services for the campaign include:

  • basic measurement of public opinion,
  • monitoring measurements of public opinion,
  • rolling polls,
  • component testing of PR-campaign strategy and tactics.