The main areas of expertise cover customer, brand, image and reputation research, communication and advertisement efficiency. We possess a wide range of data collection methods, from classical methods of collecting information by F2F surveys, focus groups, in-depth and expert interviews, to innovative — CATI, CAWI, On-line research, Eye-tracking test.
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Company's reputation audit

Reputation research

Reputation research is extremely important for companies who care about what employees or general public think about the company.

To investigate the company’s reputation we use a technique called: IFAK_RepAudit. The technique is based on the two-track approach:

1. Evaluation of internal reputation (in this case, the stakeholders — are employees at different levels);
2. Evaluation of external reputation (in this case,the  stakeholders — are general public, media, partner and customers, etc.).

Reputation score may consist of a comprehensive audit of internal and external reputation, and one or two components, depending on the task of such evaluation.

Audit of company's reputation can solve the following key objectives:

  • Analysis of public image components of the company: recognition, the emotional evaluation of the company, its products / services.
  • Determination of the company’s reference / view of the relation between the company and employees, the willingness to use and recommend products / services to friends and relatives.
  • Perception of the company from  the point of "social responsibility".
  • Identify the public image components of top management|owners.
  • Investigation of internal and external communication’s effectiveness.
  • Advertising effectiveness research.
Investigation of internal and external communications

Effectiveness of internal and external communications

Audit of internal and external communications help you to evaluate how effective your communication strategy is. Our technique IFAK_PR Audite valuates the following aspects of communication:

1.Evaluation of internal communications(in this case the stakeholders — employees at different levels);
2.Evaluation of external communication(in thiscase the stakeholders — the general public, media, partners and customers, etc.).

Study of the effectiveness of internal and external communications allows to perform the following key tasks:

  • Assessment of changes dynamics in key indicators of public opinion in general, or specific groups, which were targets of communications.
  • Finding discrepancies between the references of communication messages and their reception.
  • Identification of problem areas between the internal and external communication.
An advertising effectiveness research

The main results of the study — evaluation the communication effects of advertising product. Information on communication effects of advertising allows to make a decision about changing promotional product during  its development or to assess the impact on consumers of  the existing a dvertising product.

Preliminary assessment of advertising product

The use of different research methods allows us to address a wide range of tasks related to the development of quality promotional product:

  • A study of advertising product perception of target audiences through qualitative methods (focused group discussions).
  • Testing of a promotional product to the target audience through eye-tracking technology, which allows you to track the eye-movement and gives an idea of  how the consumer reads the advertisement.
  • Research of potential promotional product with quantitative and qualitative-quantitative methods (surveys, hall-test).

A comprehensive approach to pre-testing of advertising products can work with indicators that provide information about its capabilities and areas of concern:

  • The emotional backgroundof perception of advertising and its attractiveness.
  • Advertising memorability .
  • The credibility of advertising.
  • Compliance with the advertised brand /product category.
  • Involvement of the consumer.
  • Information completeness.
  • The effect of advertisingon the image of the brand /manufacturer.

Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing communications

Assessing the impact of advertising on the market position of the brand, the resulting performance of its activities. The main aspects of the study are the measurements:

  • the effectiveness of advertising contact with the target groups;
  • memorability of the advertising message,advertising images;
  • effectiveness of brand positioning and brand position changes because of advertising;
  • brand recognition and consumer preference for the brand.