The main areas of expertise cover customer, brand, image and reputation research, communication and advertisement efficiency. We possess a wide range of data collection methods, from classical methods of collecting information by F2F surveys, focus groups, in-depth and expert interviews, to innovative — CATI, CAWI, On-line research, Eye-tracking test.
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Segmentation and positioning

Study of consumer preferences

Segmentation studies are used in the development of marketing strategy and positioning for further product / service.

Our segmentation model allows you to describe and explain the behavior of the target segment, and get an idea of their basic characteristics. For information on the most promising  consumer segments, we recommend  using the tool IFAK_Market_Explorer.

IFAK_Market_Explorer technique can solve the following key objectives:

  • Development of relevant market situation and segmentation criteria;
  • Allocation of segments according to the developed criteria and  their description;
  • Identification of promising segments and developing recommendations for market entry and alignment of communication strategy.
Research of image and brand health

Studies of image and brand health focus on the tasks at all stages of brand management. We suggest to use a research tool IFAK_Brand_Pilot, which shows the market position of the brand in the context of separate aspects:

  • Recognition of the brand, its overall perception.
  • The probability of buying and consumer preferences.
  • Brand confidence and risks of brand replacement
  • Willingness of consumers to recommend the brand.
  • Competitive environment of the brand.
  • The image of the brand.

Application of IFAK_Brand_Pilot technique provides information on the main indicators that show the current position of the brand in the market and the associated KPI (Key Performance Indicators), as well as their dynamics.

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

To study the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, we offer the procedure IFAK_Customer_compass.

The method combines the study of rational and emotional aspects of the relationship to the brand/company. The study involves identifying the aspects that determine customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and then generates the series of key indicators:

  • calculation of the index of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand/company;
  • determination of the levels of involvement of customers in a relationship with the brand/company;
  • segmentation of customers according to their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand/company and establishing the significance of each of the groups of customers to the brand/company.