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IFAK Institut regularly conducts research, the results of which are presented to the general public. The research areas are consumer sentiment, markets, public opinion of Ukrainians, as well as studies of individual industries.
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Monitoring project, implemented exclusively for the Ukrainian Association of Public Relations (UAPR) on the annual basis.

The research practices of PR-department of domestic companies help to obtain information regarding the status of PR sphere in Ukraine:

  • the practice of PR-activity development used by Ukrainian companies;
  • budgeting system for PR-activity of the companies;
  • directions of PR-activity, developed by Ukrainian companies.

This survey has been conducted since 2009 among the leading Ukrainian companies, selected on the basis of annual rankings (in particular, the rankings published by the "Investgazeta" and the Ukrainian version of Forbes magazine).

The sample set is based on data on the relevant industry sector companies ratings. Sample size is 100 businesses annually. Target audience of the research is companies with PR departments or PR specialists.

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