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About us
Basic setup of our activities

Basic setup of our activities

The main principle of our work — is an individual approach to every client. We believe that we have done our work efficiently when after one order the client stays with us for a long time. Clients’ trust — is our reputation and inestimable asset.

While working on project we use several approaches:


We believe that effective result is achieved when both the client and agency interact at each stage of the project: from setting research goals to the recommendation of the data implementation. Most variety of bad decisions, and inefficient usage of the budget comes from incorrect assumptions and interpretation of the data, and therefore post-research consulting — is essential part of the contract.

Ukrainian experience and German expertise

Ukrainian office of IFAK Institut — is the team of experienced professionals of marketing and social research. In addition, we have unlimited access to the technologies of our foreign partners who have conducted studies since early 1958-s. German expertise and local experience ensure high quality and innovation of our projects.

Integrated approach

Accuracy in the details — is part of an individual approach to our work. Careful study of the tasks, fulfilling all the requirements, attracting experts whenever they are needed, strict confidentiality of the information — are components of our success for more than 50 years.

Our experience

For half a century in researching, IFAK Institut has completed several thousand of projects using standard methodologies as well as specially developed techniques. There are leading brands of various business sectors: L'Oreal, Siemens, Nestle, T-Mobile, Lufthansa and others among our customers.

While working in Ukraine, our agency has conducted thousands of interviews and hundreds of focus groups. Our projects cover regional, national and international levels. We launched several monitoring products, including industry research, in collaboration with professional associations and media. We were the first in Ukraine to implement eye-tracking technology of research in the streets; and experimenting with the use of MRI to study advertising’s perception.

In our work we use the experience of our German colleagues adjusting it for the Ukrainian market.